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The 'Rise of the Right-wing' continues with new European alliance

Monday, 26 October 2009
The 'Rise of the Right-wing' took another visible step over the weekend as a clutch of far-right political parties have "cobbled together an alliance of convenience to represent their interests in the European Parliament", the EU Observer reports.

The article reports it was Gabor Vona, the party chairman of Hungary's extreme nationalist grouping, Jobbik, who announced in Budapest on Saturday (24 October) the founding of the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements alongside a declaration of common goals that was drafted by the British National Party's (BNP) leader, Nick Griffin.

Five parties have also initially signed the nine-point declaration: Jobbik, France's Front National, Italy's Fiamma Tricolore, Sweden's National Democrats and Belgium's Walloon extremists, the Front Nationalists.

The parties that signed the declaration have agreed to reject "any attempts at forming an EU federal state," and will call for pro-family policies and "traditional values" and demand Europe be protected from "religious, political, economic and financial imperialism."

This alliance is not an official political grouping because according to the EuroParl rules it needs to include a minimum of 25 elected deputies from at least seven member states.

Currently, only Jobbik, the French Front National, the BNP and the FPO have any representation in the European Parliament. As a result, it cannot claim office space in the parliament nor the accompanying financial grants...

That said, the Hungarian party won a whopping 14.7 percent of the vote in Hungary in the last European elections (giving it three seats in Strasbourg) and the BNP, as we know, won two seats. As for the others, most did not even garner 1 percent...

It would seem therefore that the rise [thankfully] still has a long way to go...

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