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Coincidence? Copenhagen named the "greenest" major city in Europe

Wednesday, 9 December 2009
Copenhagen, the city playing host to the important UN Climate Change Conference seeking to secure a deal to replace the Kyoto agreement to save the planet from climate change, has been named the "greenest" major city in Europe in the first-ever European Green City Index produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Swedish capital Stockholm came in second place followed by Oslo (Norway), Vienna (Austria), and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The Belgian and European Union capital Brussels was ranked at number nine just ahead of Paris and London which found themselves in 1oth and 11th place respectively in the table.

This is the conclusion reached by a unique study of the environmental sustainability of 30 major cities in 30 European countries whose findings were announced last night as the COP15 Summit opens in the Danish capital.

The study evaluated the 30 cities in eight categories including C02 emissions, energy, buildings, transportation, water, air quality, waste and land use, and environmental governance.

James Watson, managing editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit and the editor of the study, speaking at the press briefing, said: "our analysis indicates that European cities are leaders in environmental performance. In particular, almost all of the 30 cities - which are home to a total of nearly 75 million inhabitants - average lower per capita CO2 emissions than EU countries."

The result cannot therefore come as much of a surprise as Scandinavian cities generally achieve high scores in these fields as awareness of environmental protection in these cities is more longstanding, reflected in the cities' ambitious climate targets. Copenhagen, for example, aims to be carbon free by 2025.

Click here to read the full report (pdf, 12MB) *

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