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Cross-party group of MEPs call for 30% cut in EU emissions

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

It was in a poorly-attended (just me) press conference this morning that GLOBE EU, a cross-party group of 33 MEPs representing 12 EU Member States, joined forces with 100 national parliamentarians from 19 EU Member States to make an impassioned plea for EU leaders to commit to a target of a 30% emissions cut for 2020 in Copenhagen.

The open letter signed by MEPs Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, FI), Vittorio Prodi (S&D, IT), Satu Hassi (Greens, FI) and my local MEP Graham Watson (ALDE, UK), urges negotiators in Copenhagen to commit themselves firmly to the 30% target saying "it is the right thing to do for the negotiations, and the best strategy for Europe's economy."

"The recession has not only lowered our emissions and thus bought us closer to a 30% goal; it has also brought the price of emission cuts down," the letter reads. "Now the 30% cut has the same price tag as the 20% reduction target of last year. We must use this opportunity."

GLOBE EU chair Ms Pietikäinen said: “One year ago, EU governments showed leadership by agreeing to a firm 20% emissions reduction target, and 30% if other developed countries joined the effort. Waiting for others to move is no longer proof of leadership.”

Mr Watson, vice-chair of GLOBE EU, added: “It is perfectly within our capacity to make the green energy switch, even at a time of economic difficulty. If we do so we will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, boost economic growth in quantity and quality and preserve the planet for our grandchildren.”

This week also saw the launch of a new policy paper by the group entitled "Breakthrough or breakdown? How the EU action could resolve the climate deadlock" which outlines a policy roadmap to deliver this target.

You can view this policy paper by clicking here.

Note: GLOBE EU is a cross-party group of MEPs with an interest in being closely engaged in shaping EU policy developments in the fields of environment, sustainability and global warming. Together they provide what their website describes as "a platform for the timely discussion of upcoming policy proposals and for co-ordinating political action within the European Parliament".


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