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Oops! Rachita Dati admits she 'can't stand' being an MEP

Tuesday, 15 December 2009
Oops! Now what was that I was saying about Parliament making headlines for the wrong reasons this week? The most recent offender this time is French MEP Rachida Dati, who accidentally (or purposefully?) took a phonecall in the Strasbourg plenary chamber forgetting she was wearing a microphone for a documentary about her that she commissioned...

Rachita Dati (Photo: Telegraph)

While that wasn't a major gaffe in itself, what she did say may cause some embarrassment to all parties - notably she was caught on camera complaining about the boredom of her parliamentary job and revealed she is only showing up because of the media....

It is worth recalling here that Miss Dati was promoted from Nicolas Sarkozy's staff to the post of Justice Minister when he won office in 2007, a move that was heavily-criticized for her lack of experience. She was thus in the press spotlight since her appointment which perhaps contributed to her spectacular downfall, making numerous mistakes and being dispatched away from France by Sarzoky to the European Parliament.

Clearly disappointed with this outcome, the 44-year-old politician (who did state she had no desire to become an MEP after being ejected from President Nicolas Sarkozy's cabinet) has been striving to make a big impression with a view of heading back to France, positioning herself to run for the national Parliament in the next national elections and then as future Mayor of Paris (she is already Mayor of the left bank's 7th arrondissement).

Therefore as you'd expect, she is cultivating her media image as a hard working parliamentarian which leads us back to why she had a microphone on her lapel in Strasbourg yesterday - she was being filmed by the M6 channel which for a piece on "a day in the life of Rachida Dati".

What exactly she said in the video above translates as follows: "I am in the Strasbourg parliament chamber. I can't stand this, I can't stand this. I think there is going to be bloodshed before I get to the end of my term. I have to stay here, play clever, because there are a few press around and there's the election of [Commission President] Barroso... When you're in Strasbourg, they see you if you don't vote. If you don't [vote], that means that you're not there." **

Oops. Perhaps Miss Dati requires a little more work on that positive PR now...

** What she actually said in French: "Je suis dans l'hémicycle du parlement de Strasbourg. Je n'en peux plus, je n'en peux plus! Je pense qu'il va y avoir un drame avant que je finisse mon mandat. Je suis obligée de rester là, de faire la maligne, parce qu'il y a un peu de presse et, d'autre part, il y a l'élection de Barroso (...) Quant tu es à Strasbourg, on voit si tu votes ou pas. Sinon, ça veut dire que tu n'es pas là..

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