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A closer look at Mrs Jevela's financial declaration documents...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010
One curious and unusual happening in Mrs Jeleva's hearing yesterday evening which I regrettably did not include in my piece earlier, was the distribution (mid-session) of a number of documents which apparently supported her case that she did declare all her financial interests.

Screenshot of Mrs Jeleva's July 2009 Financial Declaration to the European ParliamentThese documents distributed were predominantly in Bulgarian (although some in German) - which meant very few of the parliamentarians present were able to read them.

German MEP Gabriele Zimmer intervened to condemn such distribution and said "we should suspend this hearing until we have a proper atmosphere." The session was not suspended but Parliamentary officials were instructed to take the papers back, but a number of people refused to hand them over generating an air of disorder and chaos.

But I've been doing some digging, and thanks largely to Google Language Tools (by no means perfect but a substantial help here), we can look closer at these documents, which are Mrs Jeleva's official declarations to the Bulgarian Court of Auditors, which she is by law required to do annually.

However, these still paint quite a confusing picture.

Her 2009 declaration (web) (pdf) for example, states "nothing to declare" on all accounts, stating that she owns no property and has no source of income of any kind.

The year previous, her submitted 2008 declaration (web) (pdf) records "refunds" from the European Parliament for an amount totalling €73,000 (item 7.3) as well as shares in the Global Consult firm amounting to some €2,500 (item 7.2). This figure similarly appears in her 2007 declaration (web) (pdf - item 7.3).

Also circulated in the meeting were Mrs Jeleva's financial declarations to the European Parliament.

One of them, filed on 20 June 2007, says that she is the manager of the Global Consult company.

Another, filed on 14 November 2007, says she has "nothing to declare" on all accounts, and the same goes for the years 2008 (filed 9 January 2009) and 2009 (filed 1 July).

So why is that interest stated on the Bulgarian records until 2008, not stated at all on the numerous European Parliament declarations after June 2007? What happened to that company?

What is additionally strange about these four Parliament declarations is that none of them, which incidentally had been accepted by the European Parliament's services at the time, were actually signed by the MEP herself. Which raises further questions about the procedure...

Since it is not for me to explain why these omissions exist, it will certainly be interesting to how the questions this raises will be answered.

[Incidentally, anyone who speaks/reads Bulgarian is very welcome to correct me if I have misread the documents... I would also be very keen to learn your views.]

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Anonymous Ivan Draganov said...
I am not very happy with your findings but I must admit they are quite correct. I am not satisfied by the bulgarian candidate, to be more honest, ashamed. Your google translation bulgarian to english is absolutely correct. If you need translation in the future on/to bulgarian you can find me at: observer.bugaria@gmail.com

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