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Expelled EuroParl Vice-President could sue Tories for 'unfair dismissal'

Friday, 15 January 2010
Edward McMillan-Scott, a British MEP who when re-elected a Vice-President of the European Parliament last July was expelled from the Conservative Party could file a law suit on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

Edward McMillan-ScottMr McMillan-Scott (above), broke with party orders and stood last July against Michal Kaminski, the Polish MEP and leader of the new alliance of which the UK Conservatives are a part of because of, because of his "anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist links".

Following his re-election, the party whip was removed, and Mr McMillan-Scott was expelled without apparent notice or reason in September 2009.

A former leader of the Conservative MEPs, Mr McMillan-Scott was the architect of their 1999 link with the EPP Group which was replaced in July by David Cameron's ECR Group.

Mr McMillan-Scott explained that he had written to David Cameron and had made numerous private contacts with senior figures since the Conservative Party Conference to arrive at a positive conclusion. But his correspondence fell on deaf ears.

Michal Kaminski"I stood against Kaminski [left] because he represented the rise of disguised extremism at a key moment in European politics - the start of a new European Parliament which saw gains by the far right in 13 out of 27 EU countries, including the BNP in Britain," he writes in a statement on his website.

"My lawyers – the best in their field – say the expulsion was unconstitutional, against natural justice and grossly disproportionate. Paul Daniels, a partner in the leading firm of solicitors Russell Jones and Walker, has advised that I have a clear action for breach of contract in the High Court. I am taking further advice, including from Counsel. This is not about me: it is about the values of the next British government."

"There is no shame in losing the whip on a point of principle: to be expelled for the same thing was disproportionate and plainly against natural justice," he continued.

The party will now seek to prevent his candidacy in the next European Election, which he says is because he was "merely for making a stand on matters of personal conscience."

"This raises very serious ethical, legal and political issues," he wrote. "As a Conservative Party member for 42 years, an MEP for 25, leader of the MEPs for four and a Conservative Board member for three years, this is no longer the Party I knew."

In response, Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague wrote to Mr McMillan-Scott setting out the steps he would need to take before the whip was restored. These steps included resigning as the parliament's vice-president, withdrawing the allegations against Kaminski and issuing a heart-felt apology to him.

With no such action on the horizon, Mr McMillan-Scott has stressed he will continue to serve his constituents as an 'Independent Conservative' regardless of his party status, while seeking to rebuild the relationship with the EPP.

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