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More than half of EU citizens would oppose Turkey's EU entry in snap poll

Monday, 25 January 2010
More than half of Europeans would vote 'no' in a referendum on Turkey's possible joining on the European Union if such a vote was held tomorrow - that is the conclusion of a survey conducted in five of the biggest EU countries reported in Le Monde this morning (Fr).

According to the poll, which was conducted in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and Poland by the Bogazici University in Istanbul, the Universities of Granada and Madrid in Spain, 52% responded that they would vote 'no', 41% would vote 'yes' and 7% would abstain.

The 'no' vote was particularly strong in France (64.4%) and Germany (62%) whose leaders and citizens have consistently voiced strong opposition to Turkey's possible entry to the Union.

Meanwhile, more than half the respondents in Poland and Spain said they would vote in favour.

As this poll reaffirms just how divided Europeans are on this subject, the Parliament is due to receive a report on Wednesday on the countries' progress in 2009 towards meeting the criteria required for entry.

Only the most optimistic supporters of a Turkish entry would expect any positive message to come from its conclusions, but we shall see on Wednesday...

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