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ReTweet this! Jerzy Buzek sets up a Twitter account...

Thursday, 21 January 2010
Yes, you read that correctly. Just when you thought the President of the European Parliament was beginning to become a little anonymous in the wide-scale press coverage of the Commissioner hearings, Jerzy Buzek has reponded today by announcing he has joined the 'Twitter-Revolution' and launched his very own Twitter account.

Screenshot of Mr Buzek's Twitter pageLocated at, it will increase the 69-year old's presence in the social networking domain after already having his own profile on Facebook (even if it is maintained by officials and not him).

Mr Buzek has already accumulated more than 2,309 "fans" on the popular site, and hopes to acheive similar success among the young European population who use Twitter - the micro-blogging service that allows users to post updates no longer than a traditional SMS message to share with the world.

It thus raises the question of whether it will be him that will use his account, since the number of MEPs using their own individual accounts is on the rise, and also what language he will write in: Polish, English, French, German? [NB: A complete stream of all MEP tweets can be found at]

In a statement on his website, Mr Buzek said: "It is a pleasure and a need to use all forms of communication. The European Parliament is increasing influential and must be increasingly present. Modern technology including social media gives people the opportunity to interact and have their say. My Facebook account has been quite successful, and I have decided today to launch my Twitter account as another communication tool."

While that is a very nice quotation there, it is quite a lot longer than the 140 characters permitted in a 'tweet'!

The first tweet posted to Mr Buzek's profiles was on January 21st and read: "EP is working on hearings of Commissioners-designate, we will vote on Commission on 9 February, more on my website."

At the end of its first day online, Mr Buzek's profile had attracted 268 "followers", and since who an individual 'follows' is similarly of interest, it is certainly interesting to note the first person Mr Buzek "followed" was a certain Barack Obama...

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