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Translated documents clear Bulgarian Jeleva of financial non-declarations

Thursday, 14 January 2010
The website New Europe has this afternoon made public some documents it has obtained and had professionally translated that make it fundamentally apparent that under-pressure Commissioner-designate Rumiana Jeleva no longer has any role in Globul Consult company and did not have any participation which is/was not permissable by law.

The documents reveal a number of important details that are of direct relevance to the controversy, such as how Globul Consult was renamed Auto Spa, and that the company was not active for the years 2007 and 2008.

They also display the names of new owners and a new manager, a certain Iveta Kirilova Koleva, and show that on 9th April 2009 (a few months before the European Parliament Elections) Mrs Jeleva sold all of her shares in the company for their nominal value. She did not therefore realise any profit and so was not obliged accordingly to make any such declaration under Bulgarian legislation.

At least this resolves half of the concerns voiced by MEPs. Now she just has to convince them she knows what on earth she is talking about regarding her dossier. That must just prove to be an even harder task...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Mme Jeleva DID broke the law.
The Bulgarian laws forbid to a MP or a MEP to be involved in private business, no matter is the company (in which the MEP is involved) active or inactive.

Anonymous Andrew said...
Is that so? Can you provide me with further details ie. which laws etc?

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