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Britain 'will join the Euro one day' confesses Mandelson

Saturday, 27 February 2010
Lord MandelsonPeter Mandelson, the former British EU Trade Commissioner, has reportedly said that “Britain will join the Euro one day” during a speech delivered in Paris on Friday.

"We already have a Eurozone providing a single central bank, currency and monetary policy which one day I believe Britain will be part of. It's not going to be soon but we will do it," he said after delivering a speech on globalisation.

Lord Mandelson was part of the movement behind the scenes at Number 10 in support of the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s desire to take the UK into the single currency and has often spoken in favour of Britain’s entry.

Such a statement so soon after the Greek crisis that threatened the currency’s standing in the world itself carries great significance, even if such a move to drop the Pound and adopt the single currency is unlikely to take place any time soon.

Britain is due to hold a General Election before June and Labour will not win that on the ticket of adopting the Euro. The opposition party, the Conservatives have repeatedly stated they would never adopt the Euro.

Paul Nuttall, an MEP for the UKIP party while also serving as its chairman, is quoted as saying in response to Lord Mandelson’s remarks: “he has got to be kidding. The political elite of this country are so wedded to their love affair with the EU that nothing, especially economic reality will get in the way.

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