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Nick 'not in it for the money' Griffin reveals £200,000+ expenses claim

Wednesday, 17 March 2010
British National Party leader and MEP Nick Griffin could be about to become embroiled in his own expenses scandal after finally revealing just how much he is claiming for his duties out in Brussels.

BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP (Photo: Telegraph)The controversial MEP has come under fire for a lack of transparency regarding his expenses claims – a factor that has gravely damaged the public perception in Britain of its politicians. But today on his personal website, Mr Griffin has now published a very loose account of them on his website, which added up total in excess of a whopping £200,000 on top of his £85,000 salary as an MEP…

This revelation becomes of greater intrigue when you cast your mind back to his campaign for election as an MEP for the North West England last May when the BNP produced a campaign leaflet entitled ‘Punish the Pigs’ in which the text apparently explains that the BNP is “the only party that makes them squeal. We’re NOT in it for the money”. Throughout the campaign too, Mr Griffin continuously attacked previous MEPs for having their “snouts in the trough”...

Interpreting what Mr Griffin has revealed on his website, we can see that he has claimed £175,000 for “staff costs” for eight employees with titles ranging from “European researcher” to “campaigns co-ordinator”.

A further £31,000 was claimed for “office management costs” which appears to also include an office in his own home (although perhaps no house for the ducks). His “office costs” included £2,800 on “furnishings” and over £4,000 on “repair, maintenance and security”.

But one important element of any claim that Mr Griffin has NOT revealed is the costs of his travel to and from his constituency and Brussels/Strasbourg, which will make his claim even greater than he is stating…

Interestingly enough, Mr Griffin’s fellow BNP elected member of the European Parliament, Andrew Brons, has not published any details of his expenses – perhaps a further sign that instead of their election pledges of transparency and not being “in it for the money” they both too have embarked on, what they both call, the “EU gravy train”.

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If he isn't "in it for the money" what is he in it for? The view?

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