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Another UKIP MEP in trouble following anti-Ashton rant and childish hissy fit

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
Less than two weeks after Nigel Farage, the UKIP party leader in the European Parliament, was fined €3,000 for his outburst before Herman van Rompuy, another of his political party members has made a scene, launching a tirade against the EU Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton before ripping up his papers, throwing a hissy-fit and storming out of a debate in the latest plenary session in Strasbourg.

William Dartmouth mid rant, 10/03/10, Strasbourg (Photo: screengrab)William (the Earl of) Dartmouth, a British citizen and (unfortunately) one of the MEPs representing my constituency of South West England, was removed from the Chamber this afternoon after turning his scheduled one-minute intervention into a personal and premeditated rant against Baroness Ashton, who sat nearby deflated and bemused that yet again she was on the receiving end of a UKIP anti-Ashton rant.

Taking the floor in the debate on EU Policy on Arctic Issues, Mr Dartmouth said that for hot countries such as Greece and Cyprus to have an "Arctic policy" was "as bizarre as the appointment of Baroness Ashton as the EU's high representative" before launching into his explanations even dubbing her “the Sarah Palin of the ex-Student Left”.

Such an outburst prompted fellow UK MEP, Diana Wallis, chairing this debate, to turn off his microphone and explain she was not prepared to hear such disrespectful comments in the Chamber.

Undeterred however, Mr Dartmouth continued and with voice raised projected further abuse upon Baroness Ashton who sat in the Commission seats uncomfortably close to that side of the Chamber.

Refusing to pay him any more attention, Mr Dartmouth then thrusted his blue card into the air to request more time under Parliamentary procedures, but his request was refused as his speaking time "was up".

His tirade then became something entirely comical as while Mrs Wallis off-microphone asks an usher to remove him from the Chamber, Mr Dartmouth angrily rips up his papers and somewhat childishly throws them across his desk and storms out stopping at the next microphone (also off) to vent further.

At the moment it remains unclear whether the Parliament’s President Jerzy Buzek will impose similar sanctions upon Mr Dartmouth as he did his political party leader less than a fortnight ago but the MEP said he would be writing to the president to complain about his treatment.

He said: "UKIP has always said that this is not a proper parliament, as it is wholly intolerant of dissent. Today's events have proved that."
Nonetheless, the Parliament’s Code of Conduct does read “Members' conduct shall be characterised by mutual respect ... [and] respect the dignity of parliament” which I’m sure you will agree does not reflect Mr Dartmouth’s behaviour...
It really does makes you wonder what stunt UKIP will pull off next at the Parliament – stay tuned for that!


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3 Comment(s):
Blogger Julien Frisch said...
Thanks for covering - found this via @dicknieuwenhuis on Twitter yesterday, but didn't really take the time to check the backgrounds.

Good blog name, by the way.

Anonymous Eurosocialiste said...
These guys are a waste of time. And while we talk about them we don't talk about anything else. That's their strategy and it's working, however ridiculous it makes them look.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why o why don't such people just relax instead of ripping things (and people...) apart at regular intervals? The fact of being a country with a warm climate does not exclude anyone from a debate as far as I know. - As to targetting women for abuse : not quite the characteristic of a 'gentleman' is it? (Henpecked or so?...)- How come the EP condones such rants and outbursts, and continues wasting time (and LOTS of money) on people who obviously do not belong?

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