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Could it happen? Kaczyński twin to run for Polish presidency

Tuesday, 27 April 2010
It could yet be one of the strangest sights in the political arena ever – could the recently-deceased Polish president be succeeded in the post by his identical twin brother?

Jaroslaw Kaczynski (right) wants to replace his deceased twin Lech as Polish President (Photo: the tragic plane crash earlier this month in which Poland’s president Lech Kaczyński was amongst those to lose their lives, the country is in need of a president and Lech’s twin Jarosław (pictured above on the right - I think) has declared he will be a candidate for the coming election on 20th June.

However, despite the increase in sympathy for the Kaczyński family, the opinion polls conducted for the local media show the acting-president Bronisław Komorowski of the centrist Civic Platform as the most likely election winner.

A snap opinion poll conducted after Kaczyński's announcement yesterday showed Komorowski in the lead with 46% against 32% for Lech’s identical twin.

Krzysztof Bobinski, the head of the Unia & Polska Foundation, a Warsaw think-tank has been quoted by EUActiv as saying "In reality, it won't be him [Jarosław Kaczyński] running, it will be his brother. His campaign team will play on sympathy for his brother.

"Kaczyński would have a chance to win only if other candidates make mistakes. This is a difficult situation for everybody. This is not a normal election campaign but I think political attitudes generally have not changed among voters."

Jarosław Kaczyński, a former Prime Minister who also heads Poland's main opposition party, the right-wing eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS), said he wanted to continue his brother's conservative mission.

"Poland is our great shared obligation. We are required to overcome our personal pain and to take on this mission despite the personal tragedy. That's why I have taken the decision to run for the presidency of Poland," he said in a statement.

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