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What is the 'smell of freedom of leaving EU'? New UKIP product says Citrus

Tuesday, 20 April 2010
UKIP air freshener (Photo: UKIP shop)While some political parties stick to selling books, posters and rosettes on their respective online shops to raise funds, you can hardly say the UK Independence Party don’t do things differently.

After the infamous 'Keep the Pound dressing gowns' (no longer available so perhaps already sold out?) they have launched a new product: an air freshener.

Priced at just £1, it supposedly allows supporters to "enjoy the smell of freedom" that would come from leaving the EU whilst admiring the UKIP logo, free phone number and website address shown on the other side of the small 3’’ diameter cardboard piece.

The party’s website states that the product is “environmentally friendly and recyclable”, so at least that’s something.

But if the product is to be believed then the smell of freedom outside the EU carries some rather distinct citrus tones.

The delivery cost per single freshener doubles its price, but unfortunately for all those abroad will miss out since “orders can only be shipped within the United Kingdom”…

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