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'There is a crisis – of course there is a crisis' - William Hague on the Euro

Monday, 24 May 2010
William Hague MP on the BBC Politics ShowFor those in mainland Europe unable to tune in, new eurosceptic British Foreign Secretary William Hague was on the Politics Show yesterday morning via videolink from Afghanistan and spoke about the situation there and also the current state of the Eurozone.

Predictably the message was 'although the Eurozone is in crisis, it is in Britain's interests that it does not collapse', here is what Mr Hague had to say:

“Well, there is a crisis – of course there is a crisis. The German chancellor said the Euro is in danger. So the language of crisis is there out on the airwaves.

"We don’t want the Euro to be in crisis, I’m a long-standing opponent of Britain joining the Euro but we don’t want the Euro to collapse or countries to pull out of it, because of course that kind of crisis is very bad for Britain and affects financial confidence across the board.

"So yes I’d say there’s something of the atmosphere of a crisis but this just reinforces the point that countries have to bring their deficits under control, give the world confidence that countries with great debts will bring them under control. That is the best answer to this situation."

So is there any chance of the UK contributing financially to ensuring the Eurozone does not collapse? (Something which the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling emphatically ruled out...)

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