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Danish opposition to joining Euro continues to rise amid Eurozone crisis

Thursday, 24 June 2010
Danish Krona (Photo: ambottawa.um.dk)As Estonia looks set to become the 17th member of the Eurozone, public support in Denmark for ditching the Krona (left) to adopt the single European currency is falling at a rapid speed according to the latest opinion polls.

Danmarks Statistik regularly conducts polls to quantify the level of public support for the single currency and measurements released for the month of June shows that the ‘No’ side has made big gains and overtaken the ‘Yes’ vote.

According to the June poll, only 32.1% of Danes said they would vote ‘yes’, while 47.8% pronounced they would vote ‘no’ in any referendum.

Danish voters have already rejected switching to the Euro several times: in 1992, they voted no to the Maastricht Treaty which was only passed with an opt-out for euro-adoption. A referendum in September 2000 was also lost by 53.2% to 46.8%.

But, it is unclear when the next referendum will be held on the Euro. In May 2009, the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen pledged to hold a referendum on joining the Eurozone before the next general elections which are due in 2011.

Later that year in October 2009, he repeated this pledge, saying "the Euro ensures political and economical stability in Europe and the current financial turmoil makes it evident that Denmark has to join the Euro”.

A referendum before the next elections however now seems incredibly unlikely due to the country’s high budget deficit and diminishing support for the currency as shown in such polls.

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