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Gott! New survey says most Germans want a return to the Deutschmark

Wednesday, 30 June 2010
Gosh. I’ve just come across a surprising statistic that does not particularly bode well for the Eurozone as it seeks to re-establish itself following the crisis imposed upon it by poor Greek accounting – that the majority of people in Germany want to scrap the Euro and bring back the old currency, the Deutschmark.

According to a new poll conducted by Ipsos, 51% wanted their beloved Deutschmark back, while only 30% wanted to keep the Euro. The remainder was undecided. 1000 people aged between 16 and 64 were surveyed between April 9 and 12.

Delving into the latest survey results more deeply and you find that older Germans were, perhaps nostalgically, keener to return to the Deutschmark, with 56% of those over 50 years old voicing their discontent with the Euro. Yet, in contrast, only 42% of those between 16 and 29 shared this view.

The place of Germany, the largest economy in Europe, in the Eurozone is pivotal and public support has waned since they gave up their currency to lay the foundations for the single European currency. Public support has since hit an all time low with many in Germany unhappy to be having to pay so much to bail out the Greeks.

The previous Eurobarometer poll published by the European Union in February 2010 noted that before the Greek debt crisis, a massive 66% of Germans were in favour of the Euro, with only 29% pronounced against.

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