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Our Digital Agenda Commissioner finally has a Twitter account - albeit FIVE months late...

Wednesday, 30 June 2010
It has taken a disappointingly long time in coming, but at last, almost FIVE MONTHS since her confirmation as the Commissioner responsible for Digital Agenda, the 68-year old former Dutch politican Neelie Kroes has a Twitter account.

The Commissioner for Digital Agenda (previously the Commissioner for Information Society and Media) is the member of the Commission responsible for media and information issues such as telecoms and ICT, and is supposed to use current technological advancements to make Europe "a true digital area" (words of Commission President Barroso in his November letter to Ms Kroes outlining the mandate of the new portfolio).

You can follow Ms Kroes at @NeelieKroesEU.

Neelie Kroes delivering a speech (Photo: nwsource.com)The Commission and its Commissioners still have a lot of work to do to improve its communications policy and methods in which it can communicate and listen to the citizens they are 'serving' and to me it speaks volumes when the Commissioner responsible for establishing a digital agenda and thus should be more "online" and "in touch" with Twitter and other social media requires five months to set up an account.

That said, at 68-years of age (69 in a few weeks), she perhaps needed that amount of time to learn what Twitter and Facebook are...

In fact, Ms Kroes also has a YouTube account and a Facebook page, but has also confessed on her Commission blog that members of "my staff will also make posts so that you get good information when you need it".

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