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Parliament elects former bishop László Tőkés as new Vice-President

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
László Tőkés MEP in BrusselsLászló Tőkés, a Romanian MEP representing the European People's Party was today in Strasbourg elected as one of Parliament's 14 Vice-Presidents on Tuesday by 336 votes in favour, 160 against and 207 abstentions.

The vote was organised following the departure of former Hungarian Vice-President Pál Schmitt, also of the EPP, who was elected as Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament following their last general elections.

It continues the tremendous rise of Mr Tőkés, a Romanian politician of Hungarian ethnicity, who sits in the Culture and Education Committee as well as the subcommittee on Human Rights and is a part of the Parliament's delegation for relations with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

It was only in 2007 that he decided to run for the European Parliament as an independent candidate, and won a seat after receiving the backing of Hungary's largely conservative centre-right political party Fidesz, who sit within the EPP majority group in Strasbourg.

Before becoming an MEP, Mr Tőkés was a Bishop in the Reformed Church in Romania.

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