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Did Mandelson court Sarkozy over High Representative job?

Sunday, 11 July 2010
Lord MandelsonEven though on holiday I was still unable to avoid disheartening glances at the British tabloids, and while on the journey across the English Channel a certain story caught my eye and it featured a certain former EU Trade Commissioner and now Lord, Peter Mandelson.

Describing him as a ‘True Rat’, I wondered what on it was he had done now – but it was safe to say I hadn’t expected what it read – apparently he was so desperate to “desert Gordon Brown's dying Government that he BEGGED President Sarkozy to get him a top EU job.”

He had apparently rung the Elysée Palace to “beg” French President Nicolas Sarkozy to back him as Europe's first High Representative for Foreign Affairs, but was rejected and of course the job went to another British Labour peer Baroness Ashton.

The Sun quotes a senior Labour source remarking that the “level of hypocrisy is simply staggering” and that “Peter was publicly defending the Government but behind the scenes desperate to get out of Westminster. A rat trying to desert a sinking ship.

Of course this does not come as a surprise to me at all because of his past record, but begging Sarkozy to land this job seemingly behind Brown (then the PM)’s back? Seems an incredible move especially when you remember the two had a very public feud when Mr Sarkozy blamed Mandelson for the Irish "no" vote on the European constitution in July 2008. But then again his spokesman said "all will be revealed" in his new book published this week

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