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Labour MEPs promised voice in Shadow Cabinet under David Miliband

Sunday, 25 July 2010
Glenis Wilmott with the then-Foreign Secretary David Miliband (Photo: to Tribune Magazine Labour’s MEPs in the European Parliament have been promised a seat in the shadow cabinet if David Miliband secures the party leadership.

Throughout the leadership campaign, Mr Miliband has pledged to “bring European matters closer to our politics at home” by creating “a strong voice in Brussels inside Labour’s shadow cabinet team”, and he was the first of the candidates to pay a visit to his colleagues in Brussels. Ed Balls, Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham have all since followed suit.

While not only a potentially great opportunity for the party's leader in the Parliament Glenis Wilmott, pictured above left alongside Mr Miliband, it would be nice to see Europe have a prominent place in the political organisation of the party in Westminster. Mr Miliband, through his former role as Foreign Secretary, evidently sees the advantages of cooperating with its MEPs in Strasbourg.

Quoted in Tribune, Ms Wilmott welcomed this move saying "In the past we have been sidelined somewhat. But now the party is in opposition we have a more important role to play. People must realise that we can still push forward progressive policies through the EU. MEPs should be involved earlier in policy discussions with ministers."

It's funny how a spell in opposition can prompt a return of common-sense and genuinely good ideas...

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