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Sending and receiving calls and text messages from abroad becomes cheaper (thanks to the EU)

Thursday, 1 July 2010
Life's a beach... (Photo: Breff/ may, like myself, have received a text message from your network provider stating it had lowered the cost of using your mobile phone from abroad – but don’t be fooled: this is all thanks to the European Union.

Mobile networks would happily like to continue ‘overcharging’ customers for using their mobile abroad, but the EU’s roaming regulation which sharply cuts and limits the charges for using your mobile abroad came into force today (1st July) across Europe.

Members of the European Parliament strongly backed the regulation when it came before them at plenary in April last year, and now it is in effect. The new tariff limits apply to all operators in all 27 countries in the EU.

So what does this mean in real terms?

First of all, there is now a maximum tariff of €0.39 per minute for calls made and €0.15 per minute for calls received on your mobile phone if made/received.

Secondly, there is now a €50 per month cut-off limit to protect people from shocks at high bills they may have got through surfing the internet on their laptops whilst in another country.

Thirdly, mobile operators are now obliged to send users a warning when they reach 80% of their data-roaming bill limit, so that they are forewarned of the danger they will exceed the limit and incur huge costs.

Furthermore, the maximum prices for data roaming will fall from €1 to €0.80 per megabyte and receiving a voice mail message while roaming will become absolutely free of charge.

So now you can relax and enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge you can use your existing phone and not be faced with a huge bill when you return.

This was not bought in by the mobile networks, but the EU, so enjoy the holidays and spread the word – why not via a text message or phone call from abroad?

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Anonymous Cheap calls said...
This regulation is a big step for EU. I didn't understand how much will texting cost. Do you have an idea?

Blogger Andrew said...
This is an upper ceiling for text costs - but for UK networks I know that it now costs the same as it does to send a text message within the UK (which is why I shall continue to use my UK number when I travel abroad).

I totally agree with the previous posts...
There's just nothing else for me to add.

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