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France gets off scot-free for its Roma deportations as Commission drops legal threat

Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Nicolas Sarkozy after winning the first round of presidential elections in France, April 2007. (Photo: Reuters)It appears as if France has got off scot-free (at least for the time being) with its deportations of its Roma population during the summer. Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, who led the verbal counter-attack, has today indicated that the Commission was dropping its threat to start infringement procedures.

As reported by the French daily Le Monde, in a statement following the weekly meeting of EU commissioners meeting in Strasbourg while the Parliament holds its monthly plenary session Ms Reding said that "following the official commitments made by France last Friday, the European Commission will now, for the time being, not pursue the infringement procedure against France".

The Commission had set Friday October 15th as the deadline for France to adopt into its national legislation the EU's Free Movement Directive of 2004, which guarantees EU citizens freedom of movement within the bloc.

Yet, while not adopting the directive immediately, the documents submitted just before this deadline by France “includes draft legislative measures and a credible calendar for putting the procedural safeguards required under the EU's Free Movement Directive into French legislation by early 2011”, Ms Reding revealed.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was reportedly “very happy” at Ms Reding’s reaction. Oh quelle surprise…

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