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Another blow for Farage as South West UKIP MEP Colman quits EFD group

Thursday, 31 March 2011
It would appear South West MEP Trevor Colman is set to continue the UKIP exodus by resigning from the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group in the European Parliament.

Trevor Colman's MEP profile on the European Parliament website this afternoon - 31st March 2011
While the precise reasons for his resignation remain unknown, Parliament sources are citing an "unresolved dispute over financial and staffing issues", and Mr Colman, who was head of UKIP’s list in the South West at the last elections to the European Parliament, joins fellow UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass who quit the group last June, and Nikki Sinclaire who refused to join the EFD and was subsequently expelled from the party.

The pair currently sit as Non-Attached MEPs in the Parliament, and Mr Colman’s MEP profile on the European Parliament website has since been updated to confirm move to join them, as pictured above.

UKIP are one of the main parties in the EFD grouping, and the party’s other MEP for the region William (The Earl of) Dartmouth remains one of nine MEPs still loyal to leader Nigel Farage in the EFD group in Brussels. However, according to Junius on UKIP, another of the party’s MEPs is now also considering his/her position within the EFD group…

UPDATE 04/04: At the opening of the April plenary session of the European Parliament, President Jerzy Buzek confirmed this change: Mr Colman has quit the EFD group.


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