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‘First-past-the-post has become a broken system’ says William Dartmouth MEP

Friday, 1 April 2011
I honestly never thought I’d utter the following four words but matter in question is switching to the Alternative Vote system (AV) I shall get it over and done with quickly: I agree with UKIP!

The reason behind this extremely rare convergence of opinion is simple: UKIP are in favour of AV and the South West’s MEP William (the Earl of) Dartmouth has penned an article on the BBC website explaining his party’s standpoint.

In this article he (correctly) describes the current First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system as “a broken system” which “no longer reflects properly what the voters want” and goes on to say that “AV would go some way to redressing the imbalances and unfairness that is the inevitable consequence of first-past-the-post”.

At the last general election in May 2010, UKIP polled more than 900,000 votes nationwide yet did not even come close to winning a seat in Westminster. While I am not advocating change so that UKIP can get find themselves with MPs in office, AV will go a long way to ending the monotony of safe seats (such as my own) where my vote only makes a difference in the turnout figures.

And who knows? It could be the first step towards proportional representation”.

Click to read Mr Dartmouth’s article.


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