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Watson leads liberal calls for 'consistent EU policy towards authoritarian regimes'

Sunday, 3 April 2011
Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya: as the EU scrambles to react and formulate a common position to the latest developments in the Middle East, South West liberal MEP Graham Watson has tabled a European Parliament recommendation to the European Council calling for the development of a consistent policy towards authoritarian regimes.

Tabled soon after NATO agreed to assume control of the military operation in the North African country, Mr Watson’s recommendation on behalf of the ALDE group (B7-0235/2011) calls for the expanding and strengthening the range of restrictive measures imposed on recognised authoritarian regimes by also targeting their personal and commercial actions within the EU.

It calls for a consistent European policy that will deny authoritarian leaders and their prime associates the right to own property or hold money in EU countries, from travelling within the EU, from operating business interests within the EU and from educating their families in EU countries.

Furthermore, it calls on the European Council, composed of the leaders of the 27 EU Member States, to actively involve third party countries in enforcing this policy.

The EU has already imposed sanctions on the Gaddafi regime and individual member states have pushed for military action at the UN and secured a mandate for action under a UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which authorises ‘all necessary measures’ to protect civilians in Libya, but Germany was a key absentee from those in favour.


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