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Which MEP best represents your political views? My intriguing results.

Saturday, 9 April 2011
VoteWatch.eu (a fantastic website which provides easy to understand coverage and analysis of political decisions taken and activities of the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers) has launched a new interactive tool that claims it can calculate which MEPs currently best represent your personals interests in Brussels and Strasbourg.

So I thought I’d give EP VoteMatch a try, and after indicating which way I would vote on 11 reports of widespread interest that have divided MEPs during this session and then ranking how important the issue was to me (low, average, high), I hesitantly clicked submit. Which MEP it would reveal votes closest to how I would have?

The result was indeed very interesting: The UK MEP who voted closest to my views was Jill EVANS, a Plaid Cymru member who sits with the Greens/EFA group (pictured below, top). In fact, the closest three MEPs are all Greens, before then a clutch of Liberal Democrat MEPs including the South West’s Graham Watson. (Unsurprisingly, the UK’s Conservative and UK’s members of the European Parliament do not vote along the same lines as me.)

Across the whole Parliament, the MEP who most matched my views was Angelika WERTHMANN, an Austrian independent who sits amongst the Non-Attached members, is a member of the EP delegation for relations with the countries of South Asia, and first arrived in Brussels following the June 2009 elections (pictured below, bottom).

Print screen of Votewatch.eu results for UK MEPs. Images top: Jill EVANS MEP, bottom: Angelika WERTHMANN MEPYou don’t have to know everything about EU politics to use this tool since you can get more information on the resolution in question and exactly how MEPs voted with a simple click of the mouse as you enter your responses. So why not have a go yourself: which MEP represents your views the most? You might also get an interesting result.

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