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Girling cancels billed appearance with controversial Polish priest at last minute owing to 'toothache'

Sunday, 26 June 2011
Polish priest Father Rydzyk at the European Parliament on Tuesday, where he attended a conference on climate change. (Photograph: to an article published in the Guardian this week, a controversial Polish priest known for running a radio station that regularly broadcasts anti-semitic and homophobic views attended the European Parliament on Tuesday at the express invitation of MEPs from the group home to the British Conservative members.

Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, above left, whose Radio Maryja station has been criticised by the Vatician, former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa and Jewish organisations for its extreme views, reportedly appeared at a four-hour conference to discuss climate change and renewable energy.

Organised by Marek Grobarczyk and Tomasz Poreba, two Polish MEPs who are members of the ECR, the event also had a certain British MEP, the South West’s own Julie Girling, on the bill to speak at the meeting, but she mysteriously pulled out at the last minute – citing “toothache” as her excuse.

The Guardian reports that Father Rydzyk’s attendance provoked a “surprising outburst from British MEP TImothy Kirkhope, the deputy chairman of the ECR group, who said that he was disappointed not to have been told in advance that such a controversial figure had been invited to attend by fellow MEPs

But the questions remains – and rightly so – why was Mrs Girling on the bill in the first place? This query was echoed by South West Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson who tweeted:

Good to see Tory MEP Julie Girling pull out of a talk with an anti-semitic Polish broadcaster,why on earth are they allied with these people?214 days ago via web | powered by @socialditto

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