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Colman hails big victory as UKIP members overwhelmingly reject PEP proposal

Monday, 5 September 2011
The results of UKIP's pan-European party ballot have been announced and Trevor Colman has scooped a massive victory as more than two thirds of the party membership agreed with him that UKIP should not become a pan-European political party.

Of the 7,696 total number of valid votes cast (turnout 49.2%), only 2535 (32.9%) were in favour, compared to 5161 (67.1%) in opposition.

Reacting to the result, Mr Colman, leader of the 'No' campaign, said: "I have been asked to comment on the significance of Tuesday's ballot count where UKIP membership roundly rejected involvement in a Pan European party by more than two to one."

"The result indicates how far the Party has moved from the grassroots and is a timely reminder that further continued entanglement in EU structures will not be tolerated and rightly so."

Fellow MEP Stuart Agnew, leader of the 'Yes' campaign, accepted the result, saying: "I would like to congratulate Trevor Colman and his team on an emphatic outcome. As a team player I would never want to go against the wishes of the membership, and will abide by the result, as I pledged during the campaign".

Meanwhile, party leader Nigel Farage reminded members that "in the light of this result we must hope that the Duff Report does not pass in the European Parliament this autumn. If it does, we have just disqualified ourselves from 50% of the ballot papers to be issued. That makes winning rather difficult."


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