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All in the line of duty: MEP goes training with the Royal Marine Commandos

Sunday, 13 November 2011
Conservative MEP Ashley Fox has taken the opportunity to swap the desks and paperwork for assault rifles, lessons in self-defence and the chance to stranglehold a fellow Conservative politician – and all in the line of duty.

As he describes at length in his current newsletter, Mr Fox recently accepted an invitation to visit the Commando Training Centre for the Royal Marines near Lympstone in Devon last month as part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme he is currently participating in.

Founded in set up in 1989, the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme is a privately-run initiative developed to give Members the opportunity of experiencing for themselves the ethos and culture of the Defence community, and in particular challenges facing our Armed Forces at home and on operations overseas.

During his three-day visit to the East Devon site, Mr Fox said he had the chance to get involved in “some of the hands on training that new recruits have to go to” including lessons in self defence and marksmanship.

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to use the Marines SA80A2 Assault Rifle in some shooting practice [below], and enjoyed the chance to try a ‘choke hold’ on Mark Lancaster MP [left], although I found it very unfair that they also gave him the opportunity to try it on me afterwards,” he writes in his newsletter report.

The Royal Marines are a firm fixture of the British Military and primarily situated in the South West where six of their eight bases are found,he writes. “With the gradual reduction in the size of our military, the Royal Marines have become increasingly important. Modern day military intervention is no longer about enormous conflagrations of men and armour; rather it is about pressure applied at a point and the surgical strike.

The Royal Marines, and indeed our entire military, have always personified courage, determination and sacrifice. Thank you to the Royal Marines.

Ashley Fox at Lympstone Commando Training Camp (Photo: Ashley Fox/Facebook)


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