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Chichester produces booklet outlining EU funding opportunitues for SW SMEs

Tuesday, 15 November 2011
One of the region's Conservative MEPs Giles Chichester, who has himself ran a small business for many years, is urging firms to look at what opportunities there are in the rest of the Europe.

Mr Chichester, a vice president of the European Parliament and member of its Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), believes there is plenty of money and advice available if firms know where to look. To this end, he has put together a new guide to outline the opportunities available to local businesses titled SESAME - 'Supporting Every Small and Medium-sized Enterprise'.

Speaking to Bristol's, he said: "I ran a small business for 25 years. Most small businesses need information where they can get help and advice. One of the things they need most of all is assistance with finance."

"[EU support is] not the whole answer because you'll never get more than half of what you're after, but it's another source to go to in these hard times, it's a bit difficult to get finance for small businesses, this is an alternative," he said.

The guide aims to highlight what EU support is available especially for small businesses looking to grow and shore themselves up in the current economic climate and electronic copies of the guide are available on request from Giles Chichester's office.

Update 24/11: the office of Mr Chichester has sent me a link to the guide on his website.


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