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Watson vs Farage: 'not one single British job depends on EU membership' exclaims UKIP leader

Monday, 14 November 2011
This week's The Record Europe again saw South West Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson clash with UKIP leader and MEP Nigel Farage, and thanks to the UKIP press team, we can all enjoy the confrontation via YouTube.

While the continuing troubles in the Eurozone took centre stage, the two British MEPs clashed over whether EU membership was beneficial to the UK with Sir Graham managing to extort out of Mr Farage an outright untruth "not one single British job depends on EU membership", before later labelling him and his UKIP party as "deeply unpatriotic".

Click on the video above to watch, and enjoy, the confrontation once more.

Sir Graham has this morning issued a press release stating that Mr Farage's job claim is "deluded" and called on him to justify his statements.

"Quite frankly Farage is deluded about the impact that leaving the European Union would have on the United Kingdom," he said. "3.5 million jobs depend on our trade with other EU states. To pull out now would not only leave us isolated, but we would have to continue to comply with EU regulations - over which we would have no say - in order to export our goods!"

"UKIP need to stop pulling the wool over peoples eyes and set the facts straight as to what exactly EU membership withdrawal would mean to UK people. Instead of standing by a fax machine waiting for the next directive or regulation from Brussels, we are in the room leading the debate and making the key decisions," he continued.

"To sit on the sidelines as spectators would be sheer folly."


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