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Chichester 'full supports' use of UK veto - not to prevent a new treaty, but to prevent an FTT...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Giles Chichester, the former Conservative MEP leader in Europe and current Vice President of the European Parliament, has pledged his “full support” to PM David Cameron following his decision to cast the UK’s veto at last Friday’s Brussels summit meeting.

However, speaking to Marlborough News Online, a news outlet in the South West constituency, Mr Chichester decided to base his defence of Cameron’s actions mainly on the proposal for a Financial Transactions Tax (which would have required unanimity anyway and would never have passed anyway) rather than the “fiscal compact” and discussions for a new EU treaty that Cameron has withdrawn us away from the table and taken outside the room:

I deplore the way in which the Eurozone countries appear to be ganging up on Britain to bully us into paying for their debt problems via this Tobin tax proposal […] which even the European Commission's own impact assessment says would have a very damaging impact on Europe, [it] is a blatant device to impose a tax disproportionately on the UK," he said.

I wish the Eurozone countries well in their efforts to get out of this mess but I ask myself how this latest proposal is going to succeed where the original growth and stability pact failed so comprehensively. I also wonder what these sanctions they talk about actually amount to and how they are to be enforced. The game is far from over.

It beggars believe really that anyone in charge in the UK that claims they want to protect the UK's national interest views Cameron's actions of effectively withdrawing the country from the EU inner sanctum as worthy of praise. It is all the more remarkable when you realise there was nothing in the new treaty that directly affected the "hallowed" City of London (as revealed in PMQs today), and Cameron's disastrous and embarrassingly bad diplomatic fail could have been prevented.

Unfortunately, it now means the hard working British MEPs will have to work even harder to re-establish Britain as a positive force at the heart of the European Union, and this will take a much longer period of time than Cameron needed to appease his backbenchers and damage the country's position in Europe.


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