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'No EU barrier to development of Falmouth Docks', states local MEP

Saturday, 3 December 2011
Falmouth's special European environmental status will not stand in the way of the docks' redevelopment, according to local MEP Sir Graham Watson. It is estimated that dredging the harbour - part of the Port of Falmouth Masterplan - would bring thousands of jobs and investment to the area's economy.

The site falls within a European Special Area of Conservation and critics have long been concerned about the environmental impact. But Lib Dem MEP Sir Graham, says the law does not stop development in cases where there is important economic interest.

"Falmouth is in a Special Area of Conservation and one of the difficulties that there is for dredging the harbour to the extent needed is that it would normally not be allowed in such an area," he said.

"However, as one of the legislators who was responsible for this directive, I can tell you, and Mr Osborne can go and look, you will see that this is not supposed to be against development. It does not that say that you cannot under any circumstances do these things; what is says is that if you want to do these things then you must offset it elsewhere by providing and safeguarding habitats elsewhere."

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