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Julie Girling becomes first SW MEP to launch a video blog

Tuesday, 1 November 2011
Conservative MEP Julie Girling has today launched a video blog, with the first monthly updated posted on her YouTube account page.

Filmed in the nice area behind the Plenary Chamber in Strasbourg overlooking the river, she decides to speak about three issues: 1) healthcare professionals in the UK being able to speak English, 2) the EU budget that the MEPs are due to vote on that week in Plenary, and 3) the decision by the European Commission to commence infraction proceedings on the UK for not complying RE social security benefits.

Since this is her first video blog, our MEP would like to know what we think.

Overall I think it's a very good first outing. However, I don't like the
microphone (and an assistants hand) being in shot, and I'm not overly keen on the continuous use of the ECR graphic to break up the video blog into segments, although I agree that something is needed there. (I'm also not sure why Mrs Girling is not refered to by her full title as 'MEP for the South West England and Gibraltar' in the captions but that is a minor point...)
Personally, I do like the use of videoblogs as a means of further connecting with the constituents, so I look forward to the next edition and hopefully Mrs Girling will speak about more issues affecting the South West.


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