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Dartmouth: David Cameron must stop supporting Turkey's EU membership

Sunday, 15 January 2012
UKIP MEP William Dartmouth has today called for David Cameron to stop supporting Turkey’s aspirations for eventual membership of the European Union in direct response to Turkish threats to jail the Duchess of York over a secret film on children abandoned in a Turkish orphanage.

In a statement, the Earl said: “the Duchess of York has done trojan work exposing the inhuman conditions of Turkish orphanages for which we should all be thankful. In response to her exposé the Turkish state has disgracefully threatened her with jail.

"Given Turkey's disgraceful human rights record, its continued occupation of Cyprus with 40,000 troops and its current threat to the Duchess of York it is now time for Mr Cameron as well as leaders of the Labour and LibDem parties to halt their fervent support for Turkish membership of the EU", he said.

"It has been suggested that the Duchess is unlikely to be extradited as the offense is not a crime under British law (…) If the three party leaders do not want a rerun of the 1978 film Midnight Express about a person's treatment in a Turkish prison they must, like UKIP, say no to Turkish accession to the European Union."

Turkey has been an EU candidate country ever since the Helsinki European Council of December 1999 but progress has been very slow. 13 accession chapters are currently open and under negotiation and only one has so far been closed, but the country also faces opposition to its candidacy amongst current members, particularly France.


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