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Egg on your Face(book)? MEP Girling takes her Good Egg Bad Egg campaign online

Monday, 23 January 2012
Conservative MEP Julie Girling has this week taken her Good Egg Bad Egg Campaign onto the social network Facebook and is calling on users to speak up for the 'Good Eggs' and name and shame the 'Bad Eggs'.

OK, OK please don't crack up, it may not be the most egg-citing issue but it is a serious one. As Mrs Girling explains "fourteen EU member states have failed to fully enforce the Welfare of Laying Hens Directive [which came into force 1st January 2012] and will face legal proceedings in the coming weeks". These countries are Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

All these countries, she explains on the page, have failed to make the grade and "EU inspection teams are now visiting to collect evidence of non-compliance to back up legal action and subsequent fines".

"All of the UKs major retailers have agreed to destock eggs from non-compliant countries; where do your eggs come from? Has your local store or supermarket stopped selling eggs from Non-Compliant Countries?"

Log onto the Facebook page now and join in this egg-cellent campaign.

[Dear reader, please egg-cept my apologises for the terrible egg puns - it was too hard to resist.]


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