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Spain's governing PP confirm they want a return to the Brussels Process on Gibraltar

Saturday, 14 January 2012
The ruling Partido Popular (PP) party in Spain has confirmed that they want a swift return to the Brussels process – a negotiation arrangement long rejected by Gibraltar as it concerns talks on sovereignty without giving them a voice.

On becoming vice-chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Spanish congress, Jose Ignacio Landaluce, the Mayor of Algeciras (the largest city on the Bay of Gibraltar - see map above left), has reaffirmed that he will be proposing that PP policy should be a return to the Brussels process.

This is in keeping with the PP's election manifesto which had one sentence on the matter – a firm one – stating: “En relación al contencioso de Gibraltar, recuperaremos el proceso de Bruselas” (Translation: ‘In relations to Gibraltar, we will return to the Brussels process’).

The Brussels Agreement dates back to 1984 when, for the first time, a British government (Conservative, PM Margaret Thatcher) agreed to discuss Gibraltar's sovereignty with Spain.

It is a far cry from the current Tripartite Forum where Gibraltar has its own voice, a veto, and where all three parties are of equal voice. But the PP seems set against any discussions on sovereignty including a seat at the table for Gibraltar as they argue it is strictly an Anglo-Spanish matter.

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