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Trevor Colman produces 18 minute yawn fest entitled 'Leaving the European Union'

Friday, 10 February 2012
Have you wondered what Trevor Colman has been doing lately? Well it seems the former on-screen actor has been making more films and has just released an 18 minute film (described as ‘ground breaking’) called 'Leaving the European Union' in which Mr Colman “de-bunks many of the myths surrounding the need for British membership of the European Union and describes how easy, and beneficial, it would be for Britain to withdraw”.

His findings are from the “recently published” book 'Time to say No’ and apparently has “already aroused widespread interest, particularly amongst members of both Houses of Parliament”. Frankly I cannot see why as it is an 18 minute film of Mr Colman, then one of his female staffers, speaking before a camera and a blue screen background – truly inspirational - and nor is leaving the EU in the UK's national interest.

I note with much agreement the comment made by Greg L-W on the video: “It is sad that with all the resources at his disposal a long out dated and very boring talking head video passes for achievement! […] The video presented is boring in the extreme and its method of imparting info is so out of date it fails to make its point.

It does at least serve one purpose however: at least we know why Mr Colman is currently not representing his electorate in Brussels and Strasbourg. (Apparently a free DVD of the film can be obtained through the website - lucky us!)


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