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SW MEP Graham Watson launches new informative ‘Guide to the EU’ handbook

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
South West Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson has this week launched the latest version of his ‘Guide to the EU’ handbook designed to inform residents and businesses about the European Union and how its work affects the region.

As well as a basic guide to how legislation is made in the European Union, the handbook set out guidance on the economic benefits of EU membership, debunking a few of the many widely-used UKIP party myths about UK membership, in addition to explaining how the European Arrest Warrant, which Sir Graham piloted through the European Parliament ten years ago, has and continues to assist cross border crime agencies in the fight against serious crime.

Speaking on the publication, Sir Graham commented, “
After the last European elections, I pledged to spread the word the benefits to the UK of membership of the European Union. After distributing nearly half a million leaflets since 2009, I have now launched this guide to provide everyone in the region with advice.

The UK benefits enormously from EU membership. From being as part of the single market, which is worth around £200 billion a year in trade, and the freedom of people to work or settle in any of the 26 other Member States to study, work or retire with the same rights as local people,” he said.

However I will be the first to admit that the European Union isn’t perfect. [But] only by being an active member in the EU can we hope to reform and prosper it.

Click here to download a digital PDF version of the handbook (4.2 MB) or alternatively a hard copy can be requested by contacting his constituency office.


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