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UKIP: 'All posture, no substance' - South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox

Wednesday, 7 March 2012
South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox has this evening released his monthly newsletter recalling his activities in February. Always worthy of a few moments for a close read, my attention was immediately drawn to a particular part of the newsletter entitled "UKIP: All posture, no substance".

Since I cannot agree more with what Mr Fox has written in this piece, I shall quote the passage in its entirety (bold emphasis and article link added by me):

"I continually read the comments of UKIP MEPs as they rail against the mistakes of the European Union. Yet they seldom try to remedy any of these ills. Last month saw a prime example of this prevalence of posture politics over substance.

As many readers will know, I am a leading member of the campaign to end the Strasbourg Circus and last month the Parliament voted through a British budget amendment that calls on the Parliament to review the use of Strasbourg as the second seat. We probably all agree that this £200m vanity project should come to an end. Yet neither of the South West’s two UKIP MEPs even turned up to the vote.

I am heartily sick of those that say one thing to the public and then do nothing to further their cause in the Parliament itself.

I only hope the electorate take notice.

Click here to continue reading Mr Fox's latest newsletter [pdf].


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