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As Bristol European Green Capital supporters exceed 3,000, there’s curiously still no sign of Bristol’s MEP Ashley Fox

Friday, 1 June 2012
As the number of public supporters for Bristol’s bid to be crowned European Green Capital 2014 smashes through the 3,000 barrier, one name curiously remains absent – that of South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox.

While it must be admitted that the city faces tough competition in the form of Danish capital city Copenhagen and the German city of Frankfurt, as a proud resident of the region’s largest city, you would expect Mr Fox to be keen to publicly lend his name and support to the bid. (Let us not forget that it's progression to the final three is already a praiseworthy feat.)

I can only presume that Mr Fox does not want to publicly associate himself with Bristol's moves under a Liberal Democrat led city council to move increasingly towards becoming “a low carbon city with a high quality of life for all”, a centre of excellence in green technology, a city attracting investment for further regeneration and a city on target to reduce its CO2 emissions to reduce its contribution to climate change, and a city more resilient to global economic shocks, because it has invested in local sustainable energy supplies. (NB: If Bristol won the award it would also open the door to European funding for hi-tech "green" projects, and attract massive economic investment. The spin-offs could galvanise Bristol as a European hub on sustainable issues.)

Bristol last entered the competition in 2010 and reached a shortlist of six cities but this year marks a considerable achievement since among the defeated rivals were three capital cities – Brussels, Paris and Vienna.

The region’s Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson – not a resident of Bristol – was amongst the first to add his name to the public list of supporters and lend his support to the bid.

None of the four other MEPs have publicly pledged their support.

But you can do better than Ashley Fox and add your name to those who back the Bristol bid by clicking here.

UPDATE: 11/06, 21:02
I have come to understand that Mr Fox and Mrs Girling have both backed the bid, privately. The latter has also sent a letter to the Council to that effect which has been published in a pamphlet of supporters as part of the bid presentation package. I am pleased to hear this and happily acknowledge their support, even if they prefer not to do so in public.

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