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Knight between rook and a hard place as MEP takes chess campaign to local school

Saturday, 16 June 2012
Sir Graham Watson MEP plays chess against students from Colston’s Primary School, Bristol (Photo: Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson yesterday challenged some youngsters at Colston’s Primary School in Bristol to a game of chess in a bid to promote the inclusion of such strategic games into the national curriculum.

Sir Graham, knighted last year in the Queen’s birthday honours list, supports the initiative of chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov’s foundation to encourage more students to play the game in schools and welcomed him to the European Parliament in February.

Ahead of yesterday’s event organised by Chess in Schools who organise chess tournaments and events in schools to promote the game, Sir Graham commented: “
chess improves concentration skills, teaches pupils to take responsibility for their decisions and teaches problem solving. I am very pleased to be taking Gary Kasparov’s initiative to the South West and I will contact Mr Kasparov to see if he would be able to visit one of these events in the future.

As for the result of the match-ups, and whether Sir Graham was defeated, the organiser was tight-lipped (amusingly):

Well played sir!

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Headline: adapted from press release (so I can't even take credit for its witticism!)


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