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Spanish incursions into Gibraltar waters were a ‘deliberate provocation’ says MEP

Sunday, 24 June 2012
In a rather strongly-worded parliamentary question to the European Commission, the Conservative MEP for South West of England and Gibraltar Ashley Fox has described the recent Guardia Civil incursions into British waters as a "deliberate provocation".

In his parliamentary question tabled on 20th June (E-006085/2012), Mr Fox outlines the recent events and praises the Gibraltar’s “dignified and restrained” response.

Here is the question in full:

"I am disappointed to report several incidents of Spain deliberately provoking the Gibraltarian authorities.

Incidents over the last few weeks have included Spanish fishing vessels illegally entering British territorial waters, worryingly accompanied by armed Spanish Government Guardia Civil patrol boats. Details have also emerged of Spanish authorities radioing threats aimed at disturbing shipping docked in the port of Gibraltar.

The incidents have been met with a dignified and restrained response by the Gibraltarian and British authorities so as not to escalate the situation. However, with armed patrol vessels coming into close proximity, this has the potential to quickly turn into a lethal situation.

Will the Commission request that Spain stop interfering with the freedom of Gibraltarian fishermen to fish in accordance with the common fisheries policy?

Does the Commission believe that the threatening behaviour on the part of the Guardia Civil amounts to an infringement of the movement of labour, which is a fundamental right enjoyed by EU citizens?"

I for one look forward to reading the response from the European Commission, which according to official procedure should take no more than six weeks...


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