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Eurozone crisis? Well, fear no more! UKIP MEP Colman pledges to save the day

Wednesday, 11 July 2012
Even those casting a casual eye over the newspapers and news bulletins will appreciate that the Eurozone is going through the worst crisis in its history. And while our political leaders tiptoe towards something substantial and something resembling greater economic union, many preach they know the solutions.

But fear no more my friends; Europe (well the UK anyway) will soon be ‘saved’ by our region’s UKIP MEP Trevor Colman.

In his summer editorial for The Unit (an archly eurosceptic but ‘non-political’ website he has set up to occupy his and his parliamentary assistants’ time instead of being an MEP for his constituents) he muses:

Have you ever stopped to wonder why a collection of countries, including some of the richest in the world, have arrived at this Monty Python moment of apparent impotence where nothing can be done to check increasing unemployment, or stop businesses closing wholesale, or feed people left without food and shelter, who as a result are taking to the streets in increasing numbers? Six of the seventeen countries in the eurozone are going bust, shortly to be joined by France and Holland.

This, he writes, means that a referendum on Britain's EU membership now “becomes a distinct and imminent probability” due to the referendum lock introduced by the Conservatives in coalition government. He continues (my emphasis):

Realising this, all three major political parties (reluctantly) are rehearsing their well-tried recipes of obfuscation and deceit. The in/out question must not be mentioned and nothing approaching a significant return of power to Westminster considered. The Unit will be identifying these and many other manipulations of the truth and explaining what is really happening. We are hoping shortly to introduce a news programme specifically dealing with this disgraceful conduct by our so-called elected representatives.

Keep an eye on what we publish.

It might even save our country.

Bold words and I'd be interested to learn his master plans. But perhaps in its first episode, Mr Colman could start explaining what is really happening by explaining to us (his electorate) why he should be trusted to preach on the conduct of our “so-called elected representatives”?

After all, since being elected in 2009 he has to date contributed zero opinions, tabled zero amendments to any legislative dossier, drafted zero reports, submitted zero written declarations, has only spoken in the Chamber on 16 occasions and tabled just one parliamentary question (see Votewatch). [In the same time frame, one of our region’s most active MEPs Julie Girling has spoken in the Chamber 75 times, amended 46 reports, tabled six motions for resolutions, drafted three opinions and tabled 61 parliamentary questions]


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