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As MEPs remain in Brussels this week, SW MEP Fox revels in saving taxpayer €15m

Monday, 1 October 2012
Traditionally MEPs would this week be working from Strasbourg to fulfil their obligation under the European Treaties of sit twelve times a year in the French city. However, this is not the case this year and South West MEP Ashley Fox is revelling in this fact, taking to his Facebook account to hail the €15 million reported saving this has made to the taxpayer.

This time it’s a little different as the ‘Fox Amendment’ has cancelled this needless migration,” he wrote. “We will therefore continue to meet in Brussels saving the taxpayer €15 million in the process. Let us hope the European Court of Justice makes this a permanent state of affairs when it reports back in the next few weeks.

In March last year, MEPs voted in a secret ballot to approve the amendment put down by Mr Fox to alter the Parliament’s calendar for 2012 and 2013. So, instead of holding two weeks of three-day’s business in October 2012 there will be a condensed double session occupying one whole week (22nd-26th) thus removing one whole migration for MEPs and Parliament staff (see scan of the Parliament's October 2012 calendar left).

Of course the French Government were less than pleased with this development and took the matter before the European Court of Justice. Last month, the advice of the Court’s Chief Advisor was made public and recommended overturning the Fox Amendment opining it is not compatible with the treaties. However, this is not the final verdict in this matter which is due in the coming weeks, so all is not lost in this first of many battles to overcome in the bid for a single seat.

Keep up the good work Ashley, the Brussels seat is more than capable of housing the European Parliament full time and would save a fortune. Learn more about the Single Seat campaign and add your name to Mr Fox’s petition here.


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