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MEP Fox accuses French government of 'using every trick in the book' to prevent debate on EP Single Seat

Saturday, 27 October 2012
South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox has accused the French Government of “using every trick in the book” to prevent the debate and maintain the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Mr Fox was speaking on a panel debate organised by the Single Seat campaign – a cross party group of MEPs campaigning for a sole seat for the European Parliament of which he is a member of the steering group – on the Wednesday between two plenary sessions in Strasbourg in one week that his amendment created.

Sat alongside French journalist Jean Quatremer who moderated the debate, Mr Fox outlined a two-pronged strategy to achieve the treaty changes which would be necessary: First, within the Parliament's own processes he would work through the Constitutional Affairs Committee to put forward amendments to the Treaty to the European Council. Second, he urged campaigners to work within their member states to persuade their own governments to propose treaty change at the Council. To this end, Mr Fox launched an e-petition to call on the British Government to intervene.

Mr Fox said: "I am going to take issue with Mr Quatremer when he said this is not a question of France against the others, because I think it is […] The French government has used every tool at its disposal to prevent this subject even being debated. When I first came to this parliament in 2009 I wanted a debate on the two seats and it was explained to me that this could not happen without the Conference of Presidents giving its say-so and of course Mr Daul [French EPP group leader] and Herr Schultz [German Socialist group leader, now President of the Parliament] ensured there was never a debate. It was impossible.

So that’s when I turned my mind as to how we could have a debate by proxy and that is when I struck on the idea of using the calendar as a way of expressing our discontent,” he added. He originally tabled a proposal for two sessions in one week but was defeated due to the pressure of the party whips, but he tried again twelve months later in 2011 and found a way to orchestrate a secret vote and thus obtained a majority.

Strasbourg was a symbol of peace when the Parliament came here in 1958. Now it is a symbol of all that is wrong with the EU,” he said. "Since that secret ballot the terms of the debate have changed; we now see a huge majority of MEPs across the Parliament and even across the EPP in favour”.

Indeed, during a vote this week a HUGE majority of MEPs (518) voted in favour of paragraph 90 of the budget resolution which calls on the Council to “start elaborating a road-map with the Parliament towards a single seat and a more efficient use of Parliament's working places [...] by 30 June 2013”.
A full breakdown of the vote can be found here

The Single Seat campaign have recorded and uploaded a large proportion of the debate which can be watched in the player below. Mr Fox’s intervention begins at 07:15.


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