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SW MEP ‘makes mistake’ of telling Greek MEP Greece must default and leave Euro - and shares the tale on Facebook

Thursday, 11 October 2012
Since joining Facebook, South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox has proved an excellent example of how a politician can use the social media tool to provide something that our modern-day press release and controlled message culture no longer allow: personal insights and interesting tales from inside the corridors of power (please keep it up Ashley!).

Posting on his Facebook page earlier this morning, Ashley Fox recalls how he ‘made the mistake’ of telling a Greek MEP colleague that Greece must default and leave the Euro single currency…

"I was sitting next to a Greek MEP yesterday, discussing Angela Merkel's recent visit to Athens and how difficult the economic situation is in Greece.

I then made the mistake of saying that, in my opinion, the Greek economy wouldn't improve until Greece left the Euro, issued its own currency and regained its competitiveness.

The MEP gave me a glacial stare and demanded how would Greece repay its euro denominated debts with a newly issued and devalued currency? You wouldn't, I replied, you would default. Greece has no prospect of paying its international debts, so you should default sooner rather than later.

My colleague didn't reply but simply turned away. The conversation ended.

I had clearly touched a subject so sensitive that it cannot be even be discussed.

Question is, who was this colleague? Mr Fox has been clever and given away no clues as to his or her identity, but there are only 22 Greek MEPs which narrows it down somewhat. But if this conversation happened in or around a meeting of the Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) Committee, of which Mr Fox is a substitute member, then that number of potential MEPs falls to just four…


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