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European Arrest Warrant pilot MEP writes to all SW PCC candidates asking how they would tackle cross border crime

Monday, 29 October 2012
On November 15th voters in the South West will go to the polls to elect their first Police and Crime Commissioners. Whether you agree with the appointments or not, the ‘PCCs’ will have a powerful role and oversee the police in each area and define what crime they prioritise tackling.

Ahead of this election date and in light of Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May’s comments that the government is “minded to exercise” the UK’s opt-out of over 130 policies to help tackle cross border crime, Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson, who piloted the European Arrest Warrant through the European Parliament, has written to all candidates wishing to become a Police and Crime Commissioner in the region to ask for their thoughts.

"Criminals should face justice in the country they committed their crime. But criminals do not recognise national borders and therefore we need to ensure we have the tools to catch perpetrators of very serious crimes at a European as well as national and local level,he said.

"Each Police authority has many examples of the European Arrest Warrant being used or being part of a wider cross border initiative […] By pulling out of these policies, what message would we send to the rapists, paedophiles, murderers and drug and human traffickers who have fled this country or have yet to be caught?

"That's why I have written to the candidates. To give them a chance to condemn the proposals, and call for the retention of the policies which have brought some of the most dangerous criminals back to this country to face justice for their crimes,he said.

It is dangerous to assume all crime in the South West is locally derived because we are largely a rural community. Serious crime can be traced back hundreds if not thousands of miles over many countries.

I think this was a good move to make and I hope any responses received will be shared publicly prior to election date.

Don’t know who are your candidates? Log on to and enter your postcode to see who you could vote for on November 15th.


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