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BIG NEWS: webcams at Gibraltar - Spain border to monitor the queues go live!

Friday, 7 December 2012
After a stuttering start on Wednesday, the Frontier webcam positioned at the border between Gibraltar and Spain has this afternoon gone live and is freely available to view online at

Following the visit of Deputy CM Dr Joseph Garcia to Strasbourg a couple of weeks ago for a series of meetings, the Gibraltar Government took the decision to set up a video live stream of the frontier queue online 24 hours a day every day to allow people who want to go to Spain to monitor the state of the queue and also to gather further evidence of the reported lengthy delays.

The website offers users two views of the border area: one shows the loop by the frontier fence, and the other shows Winston Churchill Avenue outside the old air terminal.

The cameras are positioned so as to highlight the length of the queues while avoiding filming Spanish police and Guardia Civil officers at work.

Click here to visit the site and see the current status at the border.

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Blogger yachtwork said...
I have a comment to the people waiting the long wait at the Gibraltar boarder. Keep in mind other people still live and use La Linea and just because you are stuck in the boarder que does NOT give you the right to block out other traffic, clog the traffic circles, and prevent cars trying to cross the que from passing. All standard traffic laws and common decency still apply, even if you are frustrated about the waiting delay. When I try and access the La Linea marina the roodness of the waiting people amazes me. Today I rode in on my bicycle and had cars zoom into the traffic circle where I already had the right of way. Worse such aggressive, unsociable behavior causes me to loose my compassion for the people of Gibraltar and turn my good will toward Spain.

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